The hidden ways architecture affects how you feel
BBC Future. 6 June 2017

Ready for anything: How to survive a disaster
New Scientist. 10 May 2017

The psychology of batting
ESPNcricinfo. 26 October 2016

I work therefore I am
New Scientist. 22 June 2016

Gut instinct will decide the most irrational referendum yet
New Scientist. 1 June 2016

What happens when the rich get richer
New Scientist. 16 April 2016

Why are we eternally fascinated by serial killers
BBC Future. 31 March 2016

Trump’s dangerous ‘us and them’ narrative
USA Today. 21 March 2016

Groups can make you stupid
BBC Future. 14 January 2016

The secrets of extraordinary survivors
BBC Future. 14 August 2015

Solitary confinement is a crime against the mind
New Scientist. 1 July 2015

The collective intelligence of crowds
Smithsonian. 3 April 2015

The psychology of dating
BrainBlogger. 31 March 2015

Emotional contagion – why it’s a good thing
Discover. 25 March 2015

Mob mentality
Slate. 17 March 2015

How to survive a disaster
BBC Future. 28 January 2015

Where heroes come from – and how to become one
New Scientist. 24 January 2015

Torture doesn’t work
New Scientist. 10 December 2014

Love in the time of the internet
Evening Standard magazine. 26 September 2014

Why westerners are driven to join the jihadist fight
New Scientist. 11 September 2014

Crowd-control policing in the US is stuck in riot mode
New Scientist. 20 August 2014

Friends in high-tech places
New Scientist. 24 May 2014

The intimacy of crowds
Aeon. 15 May 2014

How extreme isolation warps the mind
BBC Future. 14 May 2014

Stuff: The psychological power of possessions
New Scientist. 31 March 2014

The science of success: blood, or sweat and tears?
New Scientist. 6 March 2014

The self: why are you?
New Scientist. 20 February 2013

The price of wealth: money changes our behaviour in subtle ways
New Scientist. 21 April 2012

Everybody say Om: putting meditation to the test
New Scientist. 11 January 2011

Book Review: The makings of great leaders
Nature. 12 August 2010

Why you shouldn’t take politicians at face value
Daily Telegraph. 13 April 2010

How to pick a winner
Prospect. April 2010

Clever fools: why a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart
New Scientist. 2 November 2009

Decision-making: risk school
Nature. 28 October 2009

Book review: On Rumours
The Observer. 27 September 2009

How to keep your head in scary situations
New Scientist. 27 August 2008

Wizard of deception: interview with Paul Ekman
New Scientist. 12 September 2007

The psychology of suicide bombers
Prospect. 30 July 2007

They made me do it
New Scientist. 11 April 2007

Editorial: You could be a genius too
New Scientist. 16 September 2006

Saying no to Saddam: interview with Hussain Al-Shahristani
New Scientist. 26 June 2004

Reflections of the divine: interview with Desmond Tutu
New Scientist. 29 April 2006

Interview: Michael Koubi, Israeli interrogator
New Scientist. 20 November 2004

Interview: The interrogated prisoner
New Scientist. 20 November 2004


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